ECHOOOES is artistic but down to earth, personal and with an eye for detail. From concept to the shelf, the high quality silk scarves are developed and perfected by a single Belgian designer.

“I travel, take pictures, make patterns out of them and finally print the designs on the finest Italian silk. The scarves tell stories from places far away.
Echoes to remind you that the world is out there and waiting.”

Bénédicte Mertens is a Ghent-based graphic designer and fashion aficionado. She loves to craft ideas into an experience and wants to share that passion with the world. But watch it. The world does not need another counter in the fashion-supermarket. What it needs is high end products with a story and the power to uplift an entire look with a single accessory.

Bénédicte took her first steps in fashion designing prints and patterns for Pieceofchic, a studio that delivers exclusive prints to Tommy Hilfiger, Custo, Billionaire Boys Club,… At the end of 2015, she decided to extend her trade by launching her own label ECHOOOES, producing unique accessories from start to finish in limited editions.